How to sell your home fast!

With 2016 well and truly finished, the Christmas decorations cleared away and life returning back to normal it is time to concentrate on how to sell your home fast. But how do you sell your home quickly and for the best price possible? After all, selling your home can be very overwhelming!

Here are some top tips to keep in mind before putting up that ‘For Sale’ sign:

Tips to sell your home fast:

Don’t over price your home – make sure the price is good but fair! It is tempting to raise the asking price searching for more profit BUT does it put off prospective buyers? Is your price in line with other similar properties?

img_7084De-personalise your home – One of the most important things I always advise is that you remove all personal photos from the home you are putting on the market.

I know your family picture looks great as the main focus of the living room wall but your own privacy and security comes before that professional photoshoot. Let’s face it, most of us a nosey and having your family photos in every room could distract the purchaser!

Removing most of your personal items (books, photos, memorabilia, ornaments) will allow the buyer to see the property as their potential home and that is paramount when it comes to selling your home fast.


De-clutter, de-clutter then de-clutter some more – this is the perfect time to be ruthless and throwaway all those things you no longer want or need. What you do want and need can be stored away in neatly labelled boxes which can be kept in the loft or garage.

De-cluttering will not only make the space look bigger and more spacious but it will also allow the buyer to see themselves living there.

The little things that mean so much – Fix those annoying little things, like curtains not hooked properly, clear away the coats & shoes in the hallway, remove the compost bin from the kitchen surface, draw the curtains and let the sunlight in (research shows that buyers will not linger in dark dingy places).

Don’t forget to put away your adorable pet’s left over dinner! So many of these things don’t cost money, they just require a little effort.


Kerb appeal is really important – if the exterior of your home looks appealing potential buyers will get excited about going in. Make sure that tall hedge is trimmed, throw away empty flower pots, tidy up your recycling bins (or cleared away altogether), clean the windows, clear the cobwebs and clear any pathways.

Make the most of your outdoor space – cut the grass, clean up the garden and buy a few brightly coloured pot plants to spruce up that area you can take the pots with you when you leave.



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